Baby Photographer Stoke on Trent -Zevi

3 Month old Baby Photographer Stoke

Newborn baby photography only has a very small window of opportunity. Once you get to 4 weeks onwards its much harder to photograph newborn babies in the studio in any way that involves posing them on beanbags etc. From 6 weeks onwards it’s pretty much impossible because they are much more alert, less pliable and much more aware of what is going on around them.

But once they get to around 3 months old and start smiling you can capture some great baby photographs. Their skin is also lovely by this stage and their eyes are fully open. I had Zevi come into the studio a few months back for a photography session and he was such a cute baby. The variety of baby photographs you can capture with a 3 month old is vast as by now they can hold their own head up and sometimes then can even push themselves up on their fronts. Zevi has a lovely strong baby who could do all of this and was so alert he just wanted to follow me round wherever I went.

Baby photographs from above

We put zevi on my flokati rug and captured him from above whilst interacting with him. He spent the whole time looking like he was about to say something really important but never quite did :-)

Baby photographs on their front

Zevi was able to lift his chest up for his baby photographs in my studio for quite a sustained period of time which enabled me to photograph him head on which is an angle I really love when capturing babies. You get right down on their level and see the world in the same way as they do. It allows you to capture their character perfectly.

If you are looking for a baby photography session then get in touch asap to book one in.


Baby Photography Staffordshire – Noah

Newborn Baby Photography Stoke – Noah

Newborn Baby Photography Staffordshire
Meet Noah. Noah was only a few weeks old when he came into the studio for his newborn baby photography session. He was a really small baby but very long indeed. Looking at the size of his dad it was no wonder why!

Noah loved stretching those long legs of his which at times made it a little tricky to pose him on the bean bag but as a baby photographer I have to work with what the baby gives me. Comfort and safety are of paramount importance when working as a newborn baby photographer.

Baby Photography
We used a couple of different blankets on the beanbag and captured Noah in a variety of poses. After that we moved over to some props. Noah loved chilling out in my box, I’m sure he would have slept there all day if we had let him, It allowed him to spread out those long legs of his so it made him really relaxed and produced some wonderful natural looking baby photographs.

Newborn Baby Photography Stoke
Once we had captured Noah in the box we moved on to some portraits with mum and dad. Noah’s dad did the classic arm lift shot and Noah just eased into it as it he’d been here before. Then I captured some lovely family photos of Noah with his mum and dad. They were very relxaed in front of the camera and Noah was just relaxed in general. He’d been fast asleep for about an hour at this point with me moving and bending him quite happily. He is going to grow up a very easy going lad from what I can tell.

If you want to see more of baby Noah’s newborn photography then clikc the link below. If you are interested in your own bespoke newbon baby photography session in Stoke, Staffordshire or the Moorlands then get in touch here.

The Cost of Newborn Photography

Why does Newborn Photography Cost So Much?

baby photography stoke 1

I had a conversation with a friend the other day who was asking why professional photography in general is so expensive. The conversation went something like this:

“Why does it cost so much to get a professional to take photos. I know that I can get prints for around 10p per print, so why can’t you sell prints that cheap?”

“Well, firstly you are paying only for the material when you pay 10p for your print. When you buy a professional photograph you are paying for the skill and the art”

The conversation went on and by the end my friend had a much better understanding, so I thought I would write this post to explain a few things.

The cost of a Studio

My friend is a teacher and earns around £30,000 a year. So I thought I’d work on an example for a newborn photographer. Professional photography is a skilled trade that takes many years to master. Looking around at the average wages for other skilled trades like hairdressers, plumbers, builders on an intermediate level the wage for these is around £25,000 to £35,000 a year depending on their level. So I think aiming for a wage of around £30,000 for a skilled trade would seem pretty fair.

Now setting up a professional photography business like any business has two different costs. The startup costs and then the running costs. This post will deal with the running costs. My startup costs run into tens of thousands of pounds to buy equipment and renovate, but those will vary massively from person to person. Rather than quote my specific own costs I’m giving a general idea as rent, rates, electric will all vary from studio to studio, but this will give a general figure.

06 copy

Annual costs for running a newborn studio

  • Rent in a high street – £7500 (that’s for a small town – obviously a main city would be much higher)
  • Rates – £3500 (business rates depend on your rateable value, some will have no rates, others a lot more)
  • Electricity – £1200 (thats an average of £100 a month, newborn studios have huge heating bills)
  • Phone and Internet – £600 (£50 a month average for a business package)
  • Insurance – £400 (Public Liability and Professional Indemnity, as well as equipment – not including buildings insurance)
  • Equipment maintenance – £1000 (An average cost to replace equipment over the years, things break over time etc)
  • Props, blankets etc – £1000 (newborn photographers need to change their props to give a good variety for clients over years)
  • Food and Drink – £520 (minimum of £5 a week a least spent on tea and coffee for clients as well as biscuits etc)
  • Marketting and advertising – £1200 (minimum of £100 a month for adverts, signage, tradeshow costs etc)

Ok so our total comes out at £16,920 as a ball park figure for running a boutique newborn studio in a small town.


Number of clients & workload

A newborn photography shoot takes a full day at minimum. A general breakdown of a newborn shoot that goes well would be something like this:

9am – Open studio and prepare for the newborn, setup equipment, get props ready etc

10am – newborn arrives, feeding, swaddling and getting them ready for the shoot

10.45am – begin the photography (can take anywhere from an hour to 3 hours depending on how settled baby is)

12.30pm – finish shoot, tidy up have lunch

13.30pm – begin editing, creating slideshow etc

16.00pm – finished editing and prepared all resources for the viewing

So you can see, that one newborn shoot takes a full day to do. There are lots of other things a newborn photographer has to do to make their business successful such as:

  • responding to emails
  • blogging
  • marketting
  • admin
  • working on website
  • viewings for clients
  • ordering and preparing products for customers etc

As a result of this, a one person boutique newborn photography studio can only realistically do 3 shoots a week if they are booking every week. Otherwise you end up working 60 hours a week every week, now since we are comparing to a standard job without overtime then capping it at 3 shoots a week for 48 weeks of the year would seem pretty reasonable. If you can book 3 shoots a week for 48 weeks of the year then you are a very successful studio, lots of others wouldn’t be able to fill all of those slots.


The Cost of Product

Products cost money, as does packaging. Everyone has different costs for different products and it’s impossible to post specifics about markup and costs. But bare in mind that it’s a major cost for a photographer

The Average Session Profit

So now that we have an average number of sessions in a year, we have our annual studio costs, we have our desired wage.  We can work out what an average newborn photographer needs to earn in a session at minimum to make a reasonable living.

  • Studio cost – £16920
  • Wage desired – £30,000

Annual turnover needs to be – £46,920

Number of sessions in a year – 144 (3 a week for 48 weeks giving 4 weeks holiday)

If we divide £61,920 by 144 sessions we come to a figure of £325. That is the average profit a newborn photographer needs in order to make a reasonable living. That’s a very busy newborn photographer. One full to capacity. That’s before they take into account the actual cost of the product they are selling you


But I can’t afford to Spend £325 on Photography

Well, there is the rub. Unfortunately we aren’t all made of money and £325 is a lot of money to spend on something so not everyone can afford it. There is nothing wrong with that. This post is just to help you understand why it costs what it costs. There are other alternatives of course. Plenty of photographers who aren’t working full time are able to offer much lower fees because they have a full time day job and can do photography on the side. It’s like all things in life – there are services for every budget and I encourage you to think carefully about what you want to experience and what you can afford and make sure that you choose the right kind of photography for you.

Also remember that £325 is an average. Some people will spend more and buy lots of frames, and others will spend less. By booking a professional newborn photo shoot it doesn’t mean you are going to spend £325. You will spend what you can afford on whatever you want to buy. I have had sales as low as £100 and sales as high as £2500 and everything in between.

Thank you for reading and I hope this post has been useful!

Robyn – Baby Photography Stoke, Staffordshire

Baby Photography Stoke- Staffordshire

baby photography stoke 1This is the very lovely Robyn, only 11 days old she came into my natural light studio for a baby photography session. What a cutie. As always we started off on the beanbag and chose some coloured blankets that we thought would work well. I really like this peach colour for a girl as it gives off a lovely dreamy effect.

Robyn was a breastfed baby and sometimes theat can mean they are a little less sleepy. But not Robyn, she was perfectly happy in whatever pose I put her in – we had no tears at all throughout the session.

We changed the blanket to a brown to mix things up and tried a couple of scrunchy little photography stoke 2

The light that day coming through my bay window was a superb quality and really shows off in these newborn baby photographs. After a few different poses on the bean bag we moved onto some props as usual. I only like to use a few props as I like to keep things as natural as possible.

There are many studios that offer baby photography in stoke-on-trent but I like to offer something a little different by using natural light and keeping my photographs quite organic.

After a while Robyn woke up and so we captured some poses with her parents. I really liked this baby photograph as the expression on Robyns face is so inquisitive!

baby photography stoke 4

Baby Photography Stoke

If you are looking for a newborn baby photography session in the Stoke-on-Trent area then do get in touch asap. During January, February and March I have a sepcial offer for a newborn photography session where the session is free and you’ll also recieve £50 towards a canvas, frame, acrylic or album.

Your newborn baby will only be that way for a few weeks so you should really capture their newborn stage so that you can keep it forever.

Below is Robyns baby Photography Stoke slideshow and to see more photographs of her newborn photography session visit this page

Mia – Newborn Photography Cheshire

A few months ago I went to meet Mia and capture some beautiful photographs of her. She was a few weeks old and had such a squidgey little nose. She didn’t love being asleep too much, so the session was a little tricky. I captured this session with Elli Cassidy of Mini Memories Photography over in Louth, Lincolnshire. Elli is a fantastic newborn photographer who set up BANP. Whenever I work with other photographers I like to ensure they are the best in their field, Elli Cassidy is just that.
06 copy
Mia was posed on the bean bag to start with and after a few feeds she did settle nicely, but she didn’t want to be naked for very long so we got the wraps out to make her feel a little more comfortable. After a bit of lunch we then moved her over to the bucket and she was more than happy to be sat in there having her newborn photographs taken.
Once we had captured what we needed there we moved Mia back to mum where we got some detail shots of her little toes and her head. There was a fantastic moment where Mia reached up to mums face and it makes such a lovely photograph.
If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Cheshire or Staffordshire, don’t hesitate to give me a call to find out about your luxury photography session with your newborn. I’m right on the border between Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire so am very near to all the main East Cheshire towns like Congleton, Macclesfield, Wilmslow and Alderly edge. Come and discuss your newborn photography needs with me and we can find out exactly what works best for you and your baby.

Click below to see the rest of the photographs of the gorgeous newborn Mia.

One Little Daisy Newborn Photography